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Quality Policy Statement

Burns Construction's success in today's competitive construction market has been a direct result of a total commitment to quality in every aspect of our operations. In practical terms this commitment to quality means that all contracts are continuously monitored and assessed to ensure that they are completed on time, within client budgets and most importantly, according to our own and the clients standards and specifications.

As a reflection of this commitment Burns Construction established a Quality Assurance system to meet ISO 9000. The quality assurance programme has the full backing of the Directors and is administered by the Quality Assurance Manager. To achieve customer satisfaction the Quality Assurance Manager has the organisational freedom to establish, develop and implement the Burns Construction's quality programme.

All personnel are fully conversant with our objectives through on-going training at all levels within the company relating to Quality and it is mandatory on all staff.

It will be the Quality Assurance Manager's responsibility to ensure that all sections of this Manual are fully complied with at all times. If for any reason problems arise which cannot be resolved by the Quality Assurance Manager, they shall immediately be brought to the attention of the Directors. In the event of a specialised Quality Assurance Plan being adopted for a project, this should be planned and executed in conjunction with Burns Construction to ensure that is equal to or exceeds the requirements of our quality procedures.

Where quality assurance programmes are to be implemented by other organisations, we will interface and develop such programmes providing they are equal to our own.

Download CE - ISO Certificate 2010 PDF

Download Burns Construction OHSAS Cert A1 ED2013 PDF

Download Burns Construction ISO14001 Cert A1 ED2013 PDF